This page showcases projects from university. To view my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile or freelancing website, dbcreative.biz.


My Degree

Summarizes all classes required to obtain my degree.

Multimedia Production

Developed editing skills in Final Cut Pro X and produced videos for a range of clients.

The Pariscope

Founded an online news outlet using a customized Wordpress.org template and hosted on Bluehost.

Digital Foundations

Developed skills in digital design software including Adobe products and Google SketchUp.

Jython Adventure Game

Programed a computer game using Jython, an implementation of the Python programming language.


Documented study abroad experience and wrote captions and a news feature to correspond with the photos.

Persuasive Analysis

Identified persuasive tactics used in a key medium according to Rank’s Intensify/Downplay Schema.